Water Softeners

Soft Water to Protect Your Plumbing

Water Softener – A water softener is a type of filtering appliance that removes calcium and magnesium from the water through “ion exchange”. Drinking hard water high in dissolved minerals such as calcium and magnesium is not considered a real health concern and some of these minerals are necessary for your health. Some people have reported feeling itchy after bathing or showering in water that is high in mineral content. Hard Water combined with soap can form a sticky scum that’s hard to rinse out of your hair and clothes. Hard water will form on dishes, and shower doors causing water spots, corrosion and scaling on your fixtures requiring repair or replacement much sooner than they should. An ion exchange water softener is the only true water softener for home application. It works by removing hard water ions and replacing them with sodium ions that does not damage your plumbing or fixtures and gives you much cleaner skin and softens your hair. This device requires a softener exchange tank with a metering device and a tank that holds salt pellets. It also requires a home to be first plumbed “Water Soft Ready,” a code requirement which means you cannot have soft water to your kitchen cold faucet, icemaker line, or outdoor hose bibs. With a properly operating softener, your water hardness should read less than1 Grain Per Gallon.

Salt Free Softeners – These devices will not give you soft water. In fact, they are not a softener at all, they are a water conditioner. A water softener is defined by the Water Quality Association as a device that reduces the presence of hard water to less than 1 grain per gallon. A quick water test will show that hard water is still present with one of these installed. Grandpa does not advertise, sell, or install salt free water softeners. We will install a conditioner provided the customer is aware it does not give you soft water. If you want to clean up the water and are not concerned with softening, then a whole house Coconut Shell Carbon Filtration System is your better choice. It has an auto flushing backwash and low maintenance, so you never have to change filters. If you want both drinking water and soft water, then a Combination Water Softener and Coconut Shell Carbon will do the job. You can read more about our filtration system section below.

Magnetic Water Softeners & Conditioner – Also known as anti-scale magnetic treatment or AMT, is a very controversial method of passing hard water through a magnetic field to create a softening effect on the water and is said to be a “safer” alternative to water softening because it doesn’t use chemicals. The principle behind this is, that by attaching powerful magnets or electronically creating a magnetic field around your pipe, it will draw out the hard water ions or change its molecules’ structure, saying it is a water conditioner. Either way magnetic water treatment is regarded as unproven and unscientific. A quick water test would show hard water was still present. (Grandpa’s does not sell or install magnetic water conditioners)

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