“I called on Saturday night and immediately was able to set up an appointment. Steve the plumber arrived on time. A message was sent out with an ETA, followed by a notice that the plumber is in the neighborhood. Work began quickly with disposal of old heater followed by modification of both gas lines and plumbing to accommodate the tankless heater. The work required was extensive, as a gas line had to be changed to a larger diameter pipe. Location of the gas line was similarly changed to get past the garage door. Work took approximately a day. Given the complexity of the modification the work was done quickly and efficiently. Heater needed internal filter cleaned then work well to all parts of a 3000 square-foot home. Gas company rep who did the hook up was excellent. City inspector commented on high quality of plumbing work. Garage was cleaned following work. Tankless heaters are expensive, but cost falls within competitive range.”

“Steve did a fine job on her bathroom. I will ask for him next time, she is very happy!”

“We had a bad plugged tub, and they fit us in same day which was so great, Steve was fast, professional and he gave us some valuable information to help prevent problems in the future.”

“I had a leak in my main bathroom shower and was concerned about the life left in my water heater. Overall, it was a very positive experience. I am sorry at the lateness of this response; I would not hesitate to use again. Steve was on time, very professional, very honest, and did a whole plumbing check for me after fixing a leak and then finding a small leak in the hose by the water heater that he also fixed. He answered all my questions and was done in a couple of hours. I think they deserve an award because of the quick response, their professionalism with a new customer, and for sending the right experienced man for the job. Thank you, Steve.”

“Steve came, unplugged the bathtub drain and advised me how to fix it myself. I like that.”

“I called on Tuesday afternoon with a non-urgent request. My shower arm was too high and has been for years, causing me to have difficulty reaching the showerhead they gave me an appointment for Monday afternoon with a two-hour window and said they would be sure to have different types of arms on the truck. Steve arrived exactly on time at the beginning of the two-hour window. I showed him the shower and he told me he I had a few options to lower the showerhead to a level acceptable to me. He came back from his truck with some supplies that would lower the arm considerably. When I told him I wasn’t sure how low I wanted it until it was installed, and I could see it, he said he could try a few options to see which one I liked the best! Now that’s patience and good customer service! He correctly anticipated the right height of the shower pipe the first time, so he installed it and put my showerhead back on there, it was perfect. He was very knowledgeable, very pleasant and positive, and worked quickly which kept the cost down.”

“They dispatched Steve and he called to let me know he was on his way simultaneously sent me an email that let me know he was on his way also. Steve was very professional and knowledgeable reviewed the task I wanted repaired and gave me an estimate, which was simultaneously transmitted to my email. I indicated that I had a coupon offered and he said that was fine and that credit was given so it was a fair deal all the way around. Steve got all the repairs done to my satisfaction. I was also impressed with well stocked van.”

“The plumber was terrific and fantastic. He showed up immediately at the time that he was supposed to come. He diagnosed the problem very quickly. He had all the parts he needed on his truck. He gave me a quote, got the job done within a couple of hours.”

“My property never had a purge valve installed on the heating system. I was a bit nervous but boy was I impressed with his professionalism and knowledge. Steve came out and addressed the work that needed to be done on the spot. The price was reasonable, and he kept me informed on everything until the work was completed. Not only is Steve professional but he is really keen on customer’s satisfaction. Hands-down choose this company for your property needs …thank you”

“We woke up to find out we had no hot water. We began the dreaded task of looking for a plumber. After searching we decided to call. From the time we called our experience was pleasant and stressless, we were told someone would show up between 6 and 8 PM. We got a phone call from Steve said he would be over in 20 minutes. 7:30 PM. He assessed the issue and gave us our options. Steve was professional knowledgeable and made the job painless. We arranged for him to return the next day, he showed up on time and did the job perfectly, we are extremely happy with the service done. He moved our things in our garage and put everything back the way it was. I couldn’t be happier even though we had to shell out the unexpected money. The entire experience made us forget about the cost. That always good, call Steve for any plumbing needs. You get what you pay for! Thank you, Steve!!”

“The toilet paper holder had fallen into the toilet and gotten stuck, causing a plug. They scheduled me in right on the same day and Steve showed up probably even a little early. The toilet paper holder was really stuck. Steve had to take the toilet off the floor and even then, he had quite a struggle getting it out. I would advise others make sure your paper holder is plastic not metal because plastic ones are much easier to get out, they can be softened with heat. A little over an hour after he started, Steve finally pried the thing out and put the toilet back in place. I did not get charged the full second hour which was certainly nice.”

“When a plumbing emergency of a backed-up toilet happens late on Sunday afternoon I mainly turned off the water and grabbed the plunger. To no avail and not having the tools nearby I looked up this company and was assisted by a very nice receptionist who took down my information and informed me that I will be getting a call from the plumber in about 15 minutes. Within five minutes I got a call from the plumber, Steve I believe was his name informed me that he was on his way. Steve quickly diagnosed the problem which is a blockage in the pipes to the street after less than 30 minutes blockage was cleared and cleaned up and learned a bit about the design of home plumbing. So, after one hour since calling the plumber arrived and fix the issue and we’re all up and running. A great company that I would highly recommend everyone to use thanks Steve.”

“Have nothing but appreciation for Steve, he is honest and hardworking! thanks for sending him!”

“We originally called about fixing a broken toilet and replacing some shower fixtures. Steve came to our home to evaluate what was needed. It turned out the toilet was not a stock item, and the parts had to be specially ordered. A few weeks went by, and our hot water heater stopped working. We were told by another company the motor was broken and that we would need to order it online directly from the manufacture. So, the next morning we called to see what they could do for us. They found the motor from a local distributor, saving us time and shipping cost Steve came the same day with a new toilet which we decided to go with instead of waiting for parts, the shower fixture, and our water heater motor. He worked very quickly and efficiently, installing everything in a few hours.”

“Wanted to mention Steve who did the work, if you can request him, do yourself a favor, he is fantastic!”

“Owner was so impressed by the quickness, the knowledge and friendliness of Steve. She is now a lifelong customer, she loves Steve”

“Our bathroom shower downspout flow lever broke. We tried to fix it ourselves by asking assistance from Lowe’s and Home Depot. After six tries, we determined that it is time to call a plumber. Steve was very nice and knowledgeable; he fixed the problem within 20 minutes providing me with some suggestions and how to order parts for my existing fixture with minimum cost. He was also very nice to my dog.”

“We had an intermittent leak seemingly from a drainpipe, but it wasn’t clear where the drainpipe was coming from. Steve was able to diagnose that the drainpipe was an old one, probably cut off and behind a wall. It didn’t make sense that it was leaking until he figured out that the other drainpipe connected to the sink was draining very slowly, so that at times, it would back up into the old, presumptively cut off and maybe not capped. Steve suggested using some enzymes down the sink for a while to help improve drainage and therefore prevent back up and to get into the wall to inspect the old presumptuously cut off drainpipe. Since it is such a slow and intermittent leak, I decided to leave it at that and investigate further after drain enzymes.”

“Great service!! Steve was professional, fixed the pipe in less than 30 minutes. Same-day service. This company works around my job schedule. Price reasonable.”

“We had a plumbing problem, the receptionist said that there was no appointments available until Tuesday, but she would see if she could find an opening. Steve the plumber was here within two hours. He fixed the problem in 15 minutes at a reasonable price. They handle everything electronically, I got an email, text, and phone call with Steve on the way. He also sent before and after photos of the fix along with a copy of the receipt well done! Thanks Steve!”

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