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  • Testimonials

    “The plumber was terrific and fantastic. He showed up immediately at the time that he was supposed to come. He diagnosed the problem very quickly. He had all the parts he needed on his truck. He gave me a quote, got the job done within a couple of hours.”

  • Testimonials

    “Our bathroom shower downspout flow lever broke. We tried to fix it ourselves by asking assistance from Lowe’s and Home Depot. After six tries, we determined that it is time to call a plumber. Steve was very nice and knowledgeable; he fixed the problem within 20 minutes providing me with some suggestions and how to order parts for my existing fixture with minimum cost. He was also very nice to my dog”

  • Testimonials

    “We had a bad plugged tub, and they fit us in same day which was so great, Steve was fast, professional and he gave us some valuable information to help prevent problems in the future.”

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • How often should a water heater be flushed?

      Water heaters should be flushed every year or two depending on the water source but if you have hard water, it should be yearly. This helps to control the buildup of mineral deposits and your water heater will operate more efficiently, and this will usually extend the life of the heater.


    • How Often Should You Replace Your Water Heater?

      The average life expectancy of a water heater is approximately 10 years but if it’s located indoors where it can cause property damage you should replace not long after the warranty expires. The life of a water heater is also reduced when the incoming water is hard, water temperature set too high or operates in an unheated room.


    • What size water heater do I need?

      Water heater size is based on the number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms and the first hour rating in gallons.


    • How do I know if I have hard water?

      If you regularly notice scale or corrosion on your appliances, water spots, dry skin and hair, than its an indication that you have hard water. Before investing in a water softener, make sure to check the hardness of your water first.


    • I’m tired of packing heavy cases of bottled water, what else can I do?

      A reverse osmosis water system under your sink, can give you better drinking and cooking water with no more heavy lifting. it may also be possible to hook it up to your refrigerator ice maker line for better ice too!


    • Is a Permit Required For A Water Heater?

      Some Jurisdiction has exceptions but in most locations a permit is required to replace your water heater. There are some willing to replace your water heater without permit. The cost of water damage from a leaking water heater can be expensive . If you install your water heater without a permit, your home insurer can – and often does – deny the claim. In addition, there are multiple potential safety issues related to fire, carbon monoxide, and pressure that can result from an improperly installed water heater. Grandpa’s can pull a permit for the homeowner and no additional charge to you. The Customer will be required to be available for the inspection process.


    Water Heaters & Quality
    Water is Our Specialty!

    • • Replace Water Heater
    • • Water Softener Install
    • • Repair Water Heater
    • • Water Softener Repair
    • • Leaking Water Heater
    • • Water Softener sizing
    • • No Hot Water
    • • Water Softener flushing
    • • Not Enough Hot Water
    • • Water Softener Leaks
    • • Smelly Hot Water
    • • Recirculatory Pumps
    • • Mixing Valves
    • • Comfort Pumps
    • • Check Valves
    • • Water Softener Replacement
    • • Flushing Water Heater
    • • Salt /Potassium Delivery
    • • Burner Assembly Cleaning
    • • Water Filtration
    • • Discolored Hot Water
    • • Water Treatment
    • • Popping /Noisy Water Heater
    • • Water Testing
    • • Water Heater Replace
    • • Reverse Osmosis Install
    • • T&P Valve
    • • Reverse Osmosis Replacement
    • • Water Heater Code Upgrades
    • • Reverse Osmosis Filter Change
    • • Thermo Expansion Tanks
    • • Reverse Osmosis Cleaning

    Grandpa’s Also Services

    • Kitchen sink Faucets
    • Lavatory Faucets
    • Shower and Bath Faucets
    • Laundry Faucets
    • Leaks Under the Sink
    • Disposals
    • Sump Pumps
    • Insta Hot
    • Valves
    • Toilet Repair
    • Toilet Replacement
    • Plugged Toilets

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